I use Academia, What's your superpower?

The Unique eLearning solution for all your education needs. Put a list of schools on the side drop down menu.

Resources Sharing

Lecture materials can be easily shared with specific groups of students, each students can find all the resources right in their account.

Students Forum

It's better to learn together,Academia makes interaction and group learning easier and efficient, with so much fun learning gets interesting.

Real-time notification

Engage students in learning anytime, anywhere from any computer, Android, or any mobile device with a Web-standard browser.

Simplified submissions

Your students’ assignments all uploaded in one place ready for marking. Grades and feedback quickly distributed via Academia’s platform.

Why academia?


Uploading the class lists are all that is required to start taking advantages of all Academia's benefits.


We listen to your requirements and feedback and customize Academia to meet all your needs


With our mobile-friendly android app you can take advantage of all features of the web platform in all location.


9AM - 5PM helpline available 5 days per week

Android application available

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